1stFree 500-750 Within 365 days from date of purchase
2nd Free 2500-3000
3rd Free 4500-5000
4th Free 6500-7000
5th Free 8500-9000 Within 540 days from date of purchase
6th Free10500-11000
7th Paid 12500 - 13000 
8th Paid 14500 - 15000 
9th Paid 16500 - 17000 
10th Paid 18500 - 19000  
11th Paid 20500 - 21000 
12th Paid 22500 - 23000 
13Sth Paid 24500 - 25000 
14th Paid 26500 - 27000  
15th Paid 28500 - 29000 
16th Paid 22500 - 23000 
1stFree 300-500 Within 365 days from date of purchase
2nd Free 2500-3000
3rd Free 4500-5000
4th Free 8500-9000 Within 540 days from date of purchase
5th Free10500-11000
6th Paid 12500 - 13000 
7th Paid 14500 - 15000 
8th Paid 16500 - 17000 
*Note that the validity for the free service coupon is based on ‘KMS RANGE’ or ‘TIME PERIOD’ whichever is earlier.

MAHINDRA TWO WHEELERS LIMITED gives the following warranty in respect of all new Flyte scooters manufactured at their works and sold after pre-delivery inspection, to be free from any manufacturing defect and undertake to repair or replace free of charge, within a period of 24 months from date of sale or running of 20,000 kms., tyre and tube, which upon their examination will reveal to be having manufacturing defect to the entire satisfaction of the manufacturers. Proper care and precaution has been taken to ensure the best quality in respect of the material and workmanship in manufacturing.

  • This warranty excludes any loss of or damage due to normal wear and tear for the parts such as:Clutch Shoe, Brakeshoe, Variator Roller, Drive Belt, One Way Clutch and Cylinder Piston etc.
  • All parts failing, due to manufacturing defect and coming under the above terms of warranty, should be sent to Mahindra Two Wheelers Limited,Pithampur, through any of their authorized outlet duly accompanied by a proper warranty claim form.
  • Battery Warranty: 12 months from the date of purchase Customer can directly claim battery warranty from local dealer by presenting battery warranty card.


  • Failure due to misuse and non-observance of instructions given in Owners' Manual
  • Failure due to accident
  • Repairs by unauthorized workshop
  • Use of non-genuine spare parts
  • Use of non-genuine quality lubricants
  • Service not availed as per specified schedule
  • Any modifications, if carried out
  • If the maintenance of the scooter is not done as per maintenance schedule in the manual
  • Vehicle sold or transferred to another person within the warranty period
  • Loss of or damage to parts due to normal wear and tear
  • For painted parts: Only blistering, chipping, flaking covered under warranty for first 12 months only. Company holds the final authority for decision.

Any consequential loss or damage is specifically excluded.Under the warranty, only repair or replacement of certain defective parts will be considered. Under any circumstances, replacement of the vehicle is not warranted. Decision regarding warranty settlement shall be taken by MAHINDRA TWO WHEELERS LIMITED and shall be final and binding on all concerned, subject to Pune jurisdiction only.